IHO List of Disinfectants for Veterinary Hygiene, Food Production and Processing,
Food Preparation and Other Institutional Sectors

Dear User of Chemical Disinfectants,

Welcome to the IHO List of Disinfectants for Veterinary Hygiene and Food Production and Processing. This list is published by the German Association of Hygiene and Surface Protection Industries (IHO). Users have free-of-charge access to the list for using this listing. All manufacturers/distributors – also non-members of IHO – can make their own free entries in the list after they have signed a contract with the IHO.

This list is a compilation of effective disinfectants for use in the fields of food production and processing and also in the veterinary sector. The purpose is to assist users for a straightforward and transparent assessment of product properties.

The entries rely on tests according to European standards. These entries are made by the individual companies exclusively at their own responsibility. Should you have any questions about a listed product, please contact directly the manufacturer/distributor. Further relevant details are given in the Preamble to this IHO List.

The IHO member companies are convinced that this list makes a valuable contribution to using disinfectants in a manner that is both reasonable and adequate for the given indication.

Important additional note:

The IHO is the sole copyright holder of this list of disinfectants. Duplication of this list and dissemination of this list are not allowed without the express consent of the copyright holder. The incorporation of data from this list into other websites is not permitted, either. Linking from other websites outside the IHO is welcomed but requires the written consent of the IHO.